Summer is Coming: Preparing Your Boat for Fun in the Sun

June 20th, 2016

It’s boat season and you may be ready to head out on the water this year, but is your boat ready? At Bald Knob Marina, we help dozens of boaters get out on the water each year, so here is a review of all your pre-launch checks to make to ensure your boat is seaworthy for the season.

Fuel Systems

Start with the fuel system, looking for leaks or damage. Pay special attention to fuel hoses, connections and tank surfaces. Look for signs of deterioration, such as rust, brittleness or cracking in fuel hoses and replace anything that needs care immediately.

Summer Boat PrepElectrical Systems

Do a similar inspection of the electric system. All electrical connections should be clean, tight and corrosion free. Remove any corroded terminals – after disconnecting the power, of course – and use a wire brush to clean them along with all cable ends.

Top Off the Fluids

Also check all fluid levels, including engine oil, power steering and power trim reservoirs. Don’t forget to change out the engine oil and recheck drive lubricants if you did not before your annual winterizing.

Prop and Hull Check

Take a look at the propeller of your vessel and look for dings, pitting, cracks or other distortions. Damaged propellers can cause unwanted vibration and damage to your drive train. The hull needs a special look, as well. Keep an eye out for blisters, distortions or cracks, as each can develop into major problems if left untreated.

Safety First

Finally, double-check all your boat’s safety gear. Make sure you have the proper number of life jackets and make sure they are in good condition. Beyond just the count, make sure that all of your life jackets are the proper size for any passengers who will be on board. Finally, make sure all onboard fire extinguishers are the correct class for your boat and are fully charged.

Making sure your boat is ready for the season will allow you to focus exclusively on having fun on the water. By doing a thorough inspection before heading out, you’ll catch any problems before they become an issue – “An ounce of prevention …” as the saying goes!

At Bald Knob Marina, we can help you solve any problems you may find while gearing up for the summer with our full service marine shop. We also have an extensive parts inventory, and can help you find parts that you may need to make repairs yourself. To learn more about our repair services, give us a call today at 815-344-5223.

Written by Bald Knob Marina

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