Buying Used: Why a Used Boat is a Smart Decision

Used Boats

If you are in the market for a boat, have you considered buying used?

Owning a boat is a fantastic experience that offers endless hours of fun and relaxation. Before you buy, though, it is important to think about what kind of boat you’re looking for – and what kind of price you want to pay. Although getting a new boat sounds awesome, there are many advantages to buying used as well. Check out some of the biggest reasons to shop the pre-owned boat selection at Bald Knob Marina.

Used BoatsUsed Boats Are Often Fully Equipped

There are many similarities between buying a new boat and a new car. Like a road vehicle, the price of a new boat increases based on the number of bells and whistles it comes with and, often times, even the basic model can have a significant price tag.

However, with a used boat, you can often find a model with more amenities and features at a more affordable price. The previous owners of these preowned boats made that ship their own over the years, and during this time, they probably equipped it different features than it originally came with. That means when you buy used, you may be able to get a deal on the matching trailer or find a model with new seating or a fish finder already equipped. That means you can get something that’s more than just a base model of your favorite new boat, allowing you to have more fun and save more money.

The Insurance is Cheaper

Contrary to what you may believe, insurance costs are often less with used boats. When you buy that brand new boat, it’s just like buying a new car – your insurance needs to cover the full value of the new vessel. With a used boat, there has already been a depreciation period, which means that the insurance coverage won’t be as pricey to purchase. Buying used allows you to save on your premiums, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your boat and having fun on the water instead of paying for that fun.

Overall Cost is a Major Factor

It goes without saying that you can expect a bit of a price difference when you decide to buy a used boat versus one right out of the factory. Just like used cars, the price drops significantly for vessels after they’ve left the dock and can sometimes even be half the price of a comparable new vessel.

That also means you can get more boat for your money when you buy used. Your dollars will tend to go a bit further, which means you can afford a larger vessel or a more powerful engine when you buy a preowned boat instead of a brand-new one.

When shopping for a used boat, it is essential that you look at all of your options so that you know that you are getting the best bang for your buck. At Bald Knob Marina, we have a vast stock of the finest preowned boats on the market. We stand behind all of our boats, which means you can trust that a used boat purchase from us is a vessel we’re confident will operate well for you and your family.

Check out our inventory online and find the preowned boat of your dreams. To learn more about any boat or for help finding the right boat for you, call us today at 815-344-5223 or stop in and see is in Johnsburg, Illinois today.

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The Benefits Of Buying Used Boats

The Benefits Of Buying Used Boats

No matter what your favorite water recreation sport is, whether it’s fishing, cruising or just lying out in the sun, your boat is crucial. We all have our own dream boats, but sometimes when our budgets are tight, we aren’t able to buy the newest and biggest boat on the market. That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck.


There is quite a variety of used boats on the market that are in great shape for half the price of new boats or sometimes lower. Purchasing a used boat is often times a better deal that buying new.


When you buy used, you avoid the depreciation of the first few years. The cost per foot of a used boat is less than cost per foot of a new boat.


Generally a used boat already has been “debugged”, so the previous owner already dealt with any problems that come with a new boat. However, it’s good to be safe! Before making a purchase, check that the engine is in good shape; it is the most important component of the boat. Bring it to a professional to check before you make any decisions- otherwise you may end up paying more after you’ve purchased it.


When considering purchasing a boat, ask the seller how long the boat owned for and why it’s up for sale. The owner should have a repair and maintenance record that they can give you as well. That way you know what original or basic equipment has been replaced with newer parts. You may end up getting additional accessories like a trailer. Even smaller items like life jackets, chair cushions, or flares, will save you hundreds if not thousands.


Stop in to Bald Knob Marina and take a look at our selection of boats, parts and accessories. You’ll also find our gas dock and slips with picnic area. If you have any questions, please contact us today.