Fishing Boats For The Experienced Angler

Fishing Boats for the Experienced Angler

We believe that there is a boat for every person and every activity. So if you’re looking for a boat for your fishing trips, you’re going to like what we’re offering. Each boat has Jensen stereos and high performance speakers, Hummingbird GPS/fish finders, livewells and rod holders.


These pontoons vary in size, anywhere from 19 ft. to 23 ft. in length and around 8 ft. in width. They’re great for fishing, allowing enough space for a larger number of people, with all of the necessary fishing gear, looking to spend a relaxing day on the water, enjoying the sun.


The Alante and Cast-A-Way are aluminum, 23 ft. long pontoons, with a beacon system and a day enclosure for those hot days in the beating sun. The Cast-A-Way offers similar features to the Alante, but offering two rear deluxe fish chairs and two executive box chairs rather than the Alante’s two chaise lounges.


Explorer is a smaller pontoon, only 20 feet long and 8 feet wide, with a signature couch, mid ship couch with cooler, two executive box chairs and two rear deluxe fish chairs.


The Gemini and the Navigation are great options for those looking to spend a leisurely day on the water. Built for relaxation; they won’t go as fast as a speed boat.


To fish in comfort, contact Bald Knob Marina today and let us help you find the best boat for your needs.