Five Benefits of Choosing Dry Stack Storage

Dry Stack Storage

A boat is an investment, that’s why when you decide to store it for the off season, you want to keep it in the safest possible place. If you’re looking for a place to keep your boat during the winter months, you might want to try dry stack storage with Bald Knob Marina. Let’s take a look at a few of the advantages of choosing our dry stack storage.


When you store your boat in our storage facility, it will be protected from the elements. It will never be exposed to any damaging weather and won’t run the risk of being run into by floating debris or even another boat if there is bad weather. It will always have a roof above, keeping safe and protected from the elements.

Dry Stack StorageEasy Water Access

Our storage facility is located right near the water, so whenever you want to get out on your boat, just give us one hour notice and your boat will be waiting for you at the dock when you arrive. Then once you’re done, we’ll be happy to put it right back into our facility.

Use of Amenities

When you come to visit our boat, you will have access to the all the amenities our facility offers. This includes picnic tables, barbecue areas and free Wi-Fi, so you and anyone boating with you can enjoy the conveniences on-site before and after your boat ride.

Can Accommodate Large Boats

Our storage facility is able to accommodate boats up 38 feet in length. That means that while sometimes it can be difficult to find a facility that can handle your larger vessel, there’s no problem at our indoor facility. Bald Knob Marina is more than happy to help keep your large boat protected.

Great Discounts Available

Do you use your boat intermittently throughout the season and don’t want to pay for a slip at the local marina? With dry stack storage discounts for summer and winter combined, you can receive a 10 percent discount on keeping your both for both seasons. Save money and protect your boat all at once!

If dry stack storage sounds like a good choice for you and your boat, Bald Knob Marina has the perfect facility for it – the largest on the Chain O’ Lakes! For more information, call us today at 815-344-5223!

Celebrate ‘Christmas in September’ with Reduced Winter Storage Rates

Winter Boat Storage

Although Christmas is celebrated in December, Bald Knob Marina is celebrating the renowned holiday a few months earlier this year with unbeatable deals on storage!

With fall bearing down and winter close behind, now is the perfect time to find winter storage for your boat, and there’s no better place to go than Bald Knob Marina for top-notch winter storage at incredibly discounted rates.

Winter Boat StorageThe last thing you want is to leave your boat out in the ice and cold when winter arrives. That’s why it’s important to find safe and secure storage for your beloved summer toy. With the weather conditions we get in Illinois – from brutally cold temperatures, to snowfall and ice – your valuable investment needs to be stored in a unit that keeps it protected from the outside elements. That’s where we come into play.

Boat owners can take advantage of our reduced winter storage rates just in time for the seasons to change. Who wants to wait until December to celebrate great sales, when you can celebrate Christmas in September with Bald Knob Marina?

Our winter storage rates have been cut on average from 25 to 30 percent, with some rates reduced as much as 48 percent! The best part is, when you take advantage of our winter and summer storage together, you’ll get another discount. Signing up for our storage units is easier than ever, so what are you waiting for?

Why Winter Storage?

Winter storage will give you more space at home in your driveway, and it will protect your valuable investment from the harsh winter weather. When you pull your boat out of the water, it’s important that you take care to maintain and protect it during the colder season. After all, boats are made for warm weather, not cold temperatures and snow that can quickly wreak havoc on the interior and exterior.

No matter the size or kind of boat you own, we can store it away at our facility for an incredibly discounted rate! Celebrate Christmas early this year and keep more green in your wallet through the white and wintery months by storing your boat or personal watercraft with us. Don’t forget – we also offering full winterizing services, as well, so that your vessel is safe and ready to weather the winter ahead.

Check out our full winter storage rate chart online, or give us a call today to learn more about winter storage and winterization options!

The Benefits Of Keeping Your Boat Safe From Winter

The Benefits Of Keeping Your Boat Safe From Winter

All good things must come to an end and the summer boating season is no exception.


Now, what is there to do with your boat until summer time comes back around?


You could store your boat at home, but that would potentially leave it vulnerable to the elements.


So to keep it protected while old man winter rolls in, you might want to place it in professional storage.


The Benefits Of Storage


When you keep your boat at home in a garage, if you can fit it in there, every time you open the garage door the boat is exposed to the elements.


Even if it is just rain, water can leave marks on the boat or potentially lead to internal and external damage.


With the water marks and other dirt finding their way into your garage, you would also have to clean the boat quite a bit.


Again, this is where the storage facility would come in handy as there would be no need to clean it due to the way it would be stored.


Now some boat owners may not want to store their boat because when summer rolls around they want to hit the water at their discretion, without hassle.


That wouldn’t be an issue with a professional storage facility as typically there is a launch service that would get your boat to the dock as fast as possible.


Bald Knob Marina has a premier storage facility that will help keep your boat safe and secure.


Our storage area will keep your boat out of the elements to help keep it looking its best.


For more information on the services we have to offer, please contact us today!

Make Sure Your Boat Is Safe From Winter

Make Sure Your Boat Is Safe From Winter

Now that summer is coming to an end that means winter isn’t too far behind which means people will start to prepare for the upcoming months.


This means getting things done to help protect their assets including their homes, cars and even their boats.


Now many might feel that winterizing their boats is not necessary, when the truth is taking the time to prepare it now could save them potential frustration come next summer.


Winterizing & Protecting


Not taking care of your boat now leading up to winter could have a serious effect on its performance when you go to start it up next year.


That’s why an oil change would be very helpful as it will put fresh oil in the engine instead of letting what’s in there now get cold and give your engine difficulties firing up when you want it to start.


From there it would be a good idea to power wash the boat as well. This will help get rid of any dirt or residue left over from the water and then once that is done, a wax job will help make it look great and protect it.


Bald Knob Marina offers numerous services to help get your boat ready for any season. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or a routine oil change, you can rest easy knowing our experts will make your boat look great as well as operating at its highest level. For more information on our service, please feel free to contact us today!

Advantages of Indoor Boat Storage

dry storage
You finally have your dream boat and you want to keep it looking great or possibly give your boat the attention and care it deserves. The first thing that should come to mind is where your boat is being stored. Hopefully in the nice weather months it is getting the water time it deserves and you are getting your time on the water as well.
Indoor boat storage can definitely have its advantages. You will need to weigh the pros and the cons before making a decision.
When your boat has indoor storage it is completely protected from the elements. Wind, heavy rain, and colder temperatures can definitely take toll on your boat. Having them indoors will give them a place to be safe from all these elements, so you will not have to worry about the paint job or other forms of damage. This will include mold, mildew, and oxidation.
When using indoor storage, no one will be able to go near your boat. If there are any concerns of the safety of your boat, indoor storage is an excellent choice because it will be safely tucked away.
Another advantage to utilizing indoor boat storage is that you will not have any need for shrink wrap.  This takes a step out of the equation for you, and it’s less you have to worry about!
During the off seasons months you want to set yourself up to have the best upcoming season. If that means using indoor boat storage, then you know that you can always contact Baldknob Marina for all of your storing needs.